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WITandWISDOM(tm) - February 26, 1998

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

The measure of a man's character is not what he gets from his ancestors, but what he leaves his descendants.

Shared by Robbi Mikkola



Throughout our lives, from birth to the grave,
Our Impressions of others come from how they behave.
We can touch them, feel them, see them and hear
The truth of their words through a multi-sensed ear.
We can tell by their eyes, or their language, or look,
If their words are sincere, or out of a book.
But Online, the words we read on the screen,
We Interpret to say what we want them to mean.
Our innermost feelings are brought forth there,
From the words that appear on the screen where we stare.
Does "I Love You' from them, mean the same as from me?
Or am I only a game to them, and should I then flee?
Are they laughing, or joking, or smirking, or worse...
While I pour out my heart in short little spurts...
And that night, on the phone, when we spoke those same words,
Did they hang up and say " Good God, What a Nerd .." ?
In All other places, we choose friends with care...
Online, It is sad, We must truly BEWARE...
To all of you whom I've poured out my heart...
Remember, be gentle, even though far apart...
Because " I LOVE YOU " from me, comes from deep down inside,
Where Trust, and Hope, and my true feelings hide...
And no matter the image, I show to the rest...
My Online Friends know the real me the best...
While with you I share my fears and my dreams...
And I pray when we meet, I am all that I seem...

- Author Unknown

Shared by Sharon Unger

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:


Avalanches, Asian markets, traffic jams
in Spain,
Armed insurgents, weak detergents -
El Nino gets the blame.

We didn't use to look for blame
when man or nature sinned,
But now we've got a scapegoat, and
it's blowing' in the wind.

- Phil Lerman and Jack Sherman, USA WEEKEND, Feb. 6, 1998

Shared by Hannelore Dill

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

In Cleveland, Ohio, it's illegal to catch mice without a hunting license.

Shared by Just 4 Laughs! http://www.GeoCities.com/Hollywood/Set/6993

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