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WITandWISDOM(tm) - April 29, 1998


A laugh is just like sunshine. It freshens all the day.

(Shared by Hinshaws via MONDAY FODDER by Dave in Hong Kong dgaufaaa@iohk.com)


- Author Unknown

To realize the value of ONE YEAR
Ask a student who has failed his final exam.

To realize the value of ONE MONTH
Ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.

To realize the value of ONE WEEK
Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize the value of ONE DAY
Ask a daily wage laborer who has ten kids to feed.

To realize the value of ONE HOUR
Ask the lovers who are waiting to meet or . . .

To realize the value of ONE MINUTE
Ask a person who has missed the train.

To realize the value of ONE SECOND
Ask a person who has survived an accident.

To realize the value of ONE MILLISECOND
Ask the person who has won a silver medal in the Olympics.

Treasure every moment that you have! And treasure it more because you share it with someone special . . . special enough to have your time. . .

(Shared by Fred Adams)


"We're going to turn this team around 360 degrees." - Jason Kidd, upon his drafting to the Dallas Mavericks

"I'm not going to have some reporters pawing through our papers. We are the President." - Hillary Clinton commenting on the release of subpoenaed documents

"Half this game is ninety percent mental." - Philadelphia Phillies manager Danny Ozark

"Without censorship, things can get terribly confused in the public mind." - General William Westmoreland

"If you let that sort of thing go on, your bread and butter will be cut right out from under your feet." -Former British foreign minister Ernest Bevin

"My grandfather's a little forgetful, but he likes to give me advice. One day, he took me aside and left me there." - Ron Richards

"Some women hold up dresses that are so ugly and they always say the same thing: 'This looks much better on.' On what? On fire?" - Rita Rudner

"The ad in the paper said 'Big Sale. Last Week.' Why advertise? I already missed it. They're just rubbing it in." - Yakov Smirnoff

"Everything that used to be a sin is now a disease." - Bill Maher

(Shared by Steve Sanderson via ‘Have A Nice Day' E-mail list smiles@bapp.com)


Did you ever walk in a room and forget why you walked in? I think that's how dogs spend their lives. - Sue Murphy

(Shared by Granny's Funnies http://members.aol.com/grannyx7/DGF.html)


Automobile Habits:

45% of us consistently follow the speed limit.
2/3 of us speed up at a yellow light.
1/3 of us don't wear seat belts.
4 out of 5 sing in the car.

(Shared by Kat via ‘Have A Nice Day' E-mail list smiles@bapp.com)

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