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WITandWISDOM(tm) - May 15, 1998


Every action of our lives touches some chord that will vibrate in eternity. - Quips & Quotes, E. C. McKenzie


By Deborah Shouse

I feel a rich sense of relief when Friday comes. The week has been stressful and I'm looking forward to meeting Kevin for dinner and a movie. The balmy summer air is a silver jangle of conversation and music, a guitarist on this corner, a flower vendor on the other, the pungent odor of sweating horses pulling carriages. In front of the sidewalk cafe where I'm meeting Kevin, a bearded man sings "Amazing Grace" and holds out a cup for money. The man's small sign says, "Homeless. Please help me."

I lower my eyes as I pass, touching my purse. "Don't give him money," a voice in my head says. "He'll just drink it up."

The hostess seats me at a wrought-iron table, in the full glory of the cool summer evening. I order a club soda with a twist and take a deep breath. Mentally, I begin shedding the week's worries.

"Amazing Grace," the man's voice floats like a tenor cloud. Kevin appears, a kiss on each cheek, a hand raised for a drink, then sinks into his chair, saying, "You wouldn't believe this day."

I lean forward, eager to listen. But my mind clings onto the continuing verses of Grace. Our waitress brings us a plate of nachos. Somehow my hunger is a wadded-up rag.

"I'd like a club sandwich, fries and a Coke to go," I tell her. "Are you mad at me?" Kevin asks. I shake my head and pat his hand. I mouth the words to the song and wait for my sandwich.

When the sandwich comes I walk across the side walk and up to the man, handing him the sack. For a moment he stares at me. Then he cradles the food in his arms and says, "Bless you sister." . . . And for the first time that day, I hear God's voice.

TOUCH1, New Ways for Christians to Connect



A young Marine and his commanding officer board a train headed through the mountains of Switzerland. They can find no place to sit except for two seats right across the aisle from a young woman and her grandmother.

After a while, it is obvious that the young woman and the young soldier are interested in each because they are giving each other "looks."

Soon the train passes into a tunnel and it is pitch black. There is a sound of the smack of a kiss followed by the sound of the smack of a slap. When the train emerges from the tunnel, the four sit there without saying a word.

The grandmother is thinking to herself: "It was very brash for that young soldier to kiss my granddaughter, but I'm glad she slapped him."

The commanding officer is setting there thinking: "I didn't know the young Marine was brave enough to kiss the girl, but I sure wish she hadn't missed him when she slapped and hit me!"

The young woman was sitting and thinking: "I'm glad the soldier kissed me, but I wish my grandmother had not slapped him!"

The young Marine sat there with a satisfied smile on his face. He thought to himself: "Life is good. When does a fellow have the chance to kiss a beautiful girl and slap his commanding officer all at the same time!"

(Shared by Al Treadway)


During a heated debate in the United States Senate one senator told another to "go to hell." The offended senator appealed to Calvin Coolidge, presiding vice president, concerning the appropriateness of the comment. After leafing through some pages, Collidge looked up and declared dryly, "I've been going through the rulebook. You don't have to go. - Chris Blake



10% believe in the 10 Commandments.
90% believe in divine retribution.
35% give to charity at least once a month.

(Shared by Kat via ‘Have A Nice Day' E-mail list smiles@bapp.com)

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