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WIT & WISDOM - October 28, 1998

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

A friend is there when everyone else isn't, believing when everyone else hasn't, understanding when everyone else doesn't, loving when everyone else wasn't. [1]



Years ago a young man knelt with his pastor and prayed as he committed to God his tithe. His first week's pay was $10.00 and the tithe was $1.00. As he grew older he became more prosperous and his tithe was $7.00 a week, then $10.00. He moved to another city and soon his tithe was $100 a week, then $200, then $500.

One day the younger man sent his old friend a wire, "Please come see me." The pastor arrived at the man's house. They had a good time talking over old times. Finally the man came to his point. " You remember that promise I made years ago to tithe. How can I get released?"

"Why would you want to get released," asked the pastor?

"It's like this," replied the man, "When I made the promise I only had to give $1.00, but now it is $500. I can't afford to give away money like that."

The old pastor looked at his friend. "I am afraid we cannot get released from the promise, but there is something we can do. We can kneel and ask God to shrink your income so you can afford to give $1.00 again."

Author Unknown [2]

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

From "The Dog Ate My Lesson Plan!" by Jim Erskine

There are no gym socks to wash.

The teacher-pupil ratio is great.

You can celebrate your birthday with a school holiday.

When your child misbehaves in school, you're the first one to know.

You never have to ask, "So, what did you learn about in school today?"

(You don't have to worry about they learned in school today, either)

You don't have to buy "Back to School" clothes.

School prayer is encouraged.

Your kids don't have to get used to a new teacher every year. [3]


Children can be so perceptive! This happened when I was pastoring a church in Indiana a few years ago. My oldest son was four years old at the time. I was puttering around in the garage and my son was busy pounding nails and pulling nails out of a board. A while later I told my son that I had to go to a church board meeting and he would have to stop pounding nails.

I noticed the wheels turning in his little head. Suddenly he asked, "daddy do you use that hammer on the church board?" Needless to say, when I shared the story with the board members, we all had a good laugh. - David Bissell [4]

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:


The US and Canada used about two trillion liters of water in 1980

The first submarine was tested in 1620

Swimmer Gertrude Ederle is the youngest athlete ever to break a world record, she was 12 years old and that was in 1919. [5]


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