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WITandWISDOM(tm) - February 11, 2005
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

"What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner." – Colette

Source: Daily Delight Newsletter, http://www.dobhran.com/signupbox-multiple.htm


Before World War II the United States Government sponsored an expedition to collect marine specimens off the Philippine Islands. Local people were hired as divers. A watch was kept so that none were down more than three minutes before another diver investigated to see what was wrong. One day an alarm sounded because a diver was down too long. When the diver who reached the trapped man surfaced, his fright was so great he couldn't talk. Two more divers went down and immediately returned with the news that the first diver had thrust his arm into a giant Tridacna clam that had closed on it. A cable was fastened around the shell and a winch brought it and the diver to the surface, 'but the man was already dead.

Because so many divers are murdered for the sake of pearls, the dead man and the shell had to be brought to the local magistrate. The official ordered that the shell be cleaned in his presence. They found a huge, oblong, irregular pearl not weighing the usual fraction of an ounce, but 14 pounds and 1ounce. The Mohammedan magistrate, claiming it looked like the head of the prophet, declared it a sacred object that must remain with him.

About two years later the young man in charge of the scientific operations returned to the same place as a United States soldier. He learned that the magistrate's only son was ill with malaria, and given up by local medicine men to die. He offered to care for the boy if he could do so personally. The magistrate in desperation agreed. After several days, when the crisis had passed, the soldier told the chief his son would live. Immediately the magistrate went to his house and returned with the huge pearl that had been found at the time of the expedition. He gave it to the soldier for saving his son's life. Now that pearl is in a museum in America.

How foolish for us to give our life for something that is not of eternal value. How much better it is to give our lives in service than to loose our lives in getting something for ourselves. Jesus, who gave His life and became the Pearl of Great Price, is ours for the asking.

Source: Stop, Look and Listen by Eileen E. and Jay H. Lantry, Copyright(c)1976 by Review and Herald Publishing Association, LCCN 75-32229

Submitted by Mary Thayne

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

The Birth Order
Your Clothes:

1st baby: You begin wearing maternity clothes as soon as your OB/GYN confirms your pregnancy.

2nd baby: You wear your regular clothes for as long as possible.

3rd baby: Your maternity clothes ARE your regular clothes.

Preparing for the Birth:

1st baby: You practice your breathing religiously.

2nd baby: You don't bother because you remember that last time, breathing didn't do a thing.

3rd baby: You ask for an epidural in your eighth month.

The Layette:

1st baby: You pre-wash newborn's clothes, color-coordinate them, and fold them neatly in the baby's little bureau.

2nd baby: You check to make sure that the clothes are clean and discard only the ones with the darkest stains.

3rd baby: Boys can wear pink, can't they?


1st baby: At the first sign of distress--a whimper, a frown--you pick up the baby.

2nd baby: You pick the baby up when her wails threaten to wake your firstborn.

3rd baby: You teach your three-year-old how to rewind the mechanical swing.


1st baby: If the pacifier falls on the floor, you put it away until you can go home and wash and boil it.

2nd baby: When the pacifier falls on the floor, you squirt it off with some juice from the baby's bottle.

3rd baby: You wipe it off on your shirt and pop it back in.


1st baby: You change your baby's diapers every hour, whether they need it or not.

2nd baby: You change their diaper every two to three hours, if needed.

3rd baby: You try to change their diaper before others start to complain about the smell or you see it sagging to their knees.


1st baby: You take your infant to Baby Gymnastics, Baby Swing, and Baby Story Hour.

2nd baby: You take your infant to Baby Gymnastics.

3rd baby: You take your infant to the supermarket and the dry cleaner.

Going Out:

1st baby: The first time you leave your baby with a sitter, you call home five times.

2nd baby: Just before you walk out the door, you remember to leave a number where you can be reached.

3rd baby: You leave instructions for the sitter to call only if she sees blood.

At Home:

1st baby: You spend a good bit of every day just gazing at the baby.

2nd baby: You spend a bit of everyday watching to be sure your older child isn't squeezing, poking, or hitting the baby.

3rd baby: You spend a little bit of every day hiding from the children.

Swallowing Coins:

1st child: When first child swallows a coin, you rush the child to the hospital and demand x-rays.

2nd child: When second child swallows a coin, you carefully watch for the coin to pass.

3rd child: When third child swallows a coin you deduct it from his allowance!!

GRANDCHILDREN: ...God's reward for allowing your children to live.

Source: ArcaMax Jokes, http://www.arcamax.com/cgi-bin/reg


Having more money does not insure happiness. People with ten million dollars are no happier than people with nine million dollars. - Hobart Brown

Source: Molly's Quotes of the Day, mailto:rheamo@centurytel.net?subject=Subscribe_Quotes_of_the_Day

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:
You may have heard about a remarkable man who encountered continual disappointment yet wasn't afraid to risk failing again. Between 1831 and 1858 he suffered two business failures, the death of his fiancée, and a mental breakdown. This man also failed in his attempts at public office: He bid unsuccessfully for positions as state legislator, speaker of the state legislature, presidential elector, state land officer, congressional representative, U.S. Senator (twice), and U.S. vice president.

Was he a hopeless loser? History indicates otherwise. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the United States. He led the nation through the dark days of the Civil War, preserved the union, and issued the Emancipation Proclamation. Many historians consider him the greatest of all U.S. presidents.

Source: Night Light: A Devotional for Couples, By Dobson, James C.; Dobson, Shirley Published by Multnomah Pub (September 1, 2000), ISBN: 1576736741, http://isbn.nu/1576736741

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