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WITandWISDOM(tm) - March 9, 2007
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

"To be successful, you must decide exactly what you want to accomplish, then resolve to pay the price to get it." - Bunker Hunt

Source: Marcella's Inspiring Collection http://tinyurl.com/w9nb9


According to an article in Turning Point Daily Devotional, "Fritz Kreisler (1875-1962), the world-famous violinist, earned a fortune with his concerts and compositions, but he generously gave most of it away. So, when he discovered an exquisite violin on one of his trips, he wasn't able to buy it. Later, having raised enough money to meet the asking price, he returned to the seller, hoping to purchase that beautiful instrument. But to his great dismay, it had been sold to a collector.

"Kreisler made his way to the new owner's home and offered to buy the violin. The collector said it had become his prized possession, and he would not sell it. Keenly disappointed, Kreisler was about to leave when he had an idea. 'Could I play the instrument once more before it is consigned to silence?' he asked.

"Permission was granted, and the great virtuoso filled the room with such heart-moving music that the collector's emotions were deeply stirred. 'I have no right to keep that to myself,' he exclaimed. 'It's yours, Mr. Kreisler. Take it into the world, and let people hear it.'"

Source: Turning Point Daily Devotional

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

More than 100,000 people joined in a tug-of-war contest in a Chinese town.

They used an 1,800 metre, eight tonne steel 'rope' in the central square of Lintan town, Gansu province, to celebrate the Lantern Festival.

Organiser Zhang Yutai told Xinhua: "Two steel cables were connected by a wood chock, and the people were divided into two groups, upper street and lower street."

After a deadlock of 10 minutes, the lower street team managed to pull the rope 50 metres into their area to win the contest.

Tug-of-war contests have been a local tradition for more than 600 years in Lintan where the winners are said to enjoy good luck for the next year.

Source: Ananova http://www.ananova.com


My husband, Robert, and I were watching television the last Saturday evening in April. When he went to bed, I stayed up to see the end of a program. Before retiring, I turned the clocks ahead for daylight-saving time.

The next morning, the alarm wakened us for early church. When we arrived, it was still dark, and no one was there. "I can't imagine what's wrong," I said. "I turned the clocks ahead."

"So did I," Robert quietly replied.

Contributed to "Life In These United States" by Florence Leinaweaver

Source: Beliefnet Presents, http://www.beliefnet.com/user/newsletter_choose.asp

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

CENTRALIA, Wash. (UPI) -- Esther Medley of Centralia, Wash., can't bowl as many games as she used to, she's legally blind and 94, but she still manages to roll over 200 on occasion.

Medley isn't about to give up the sport she's been doing so well for so many years -- only now she bowls by sound instead of by sight. She even met her current husband at Fairway Lanes in 1979.

On a recent outing, the Seattle Times reports Medley threw three strikes while warming up. Her high game is a 287.

Medley and her 86-year-old husband, Ralph, plan to celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary Friday by going bowling, of course.

Copyright 2007 by United Press International, http://www.upi.com/

Source: ArcaMax - Trivia, http://tinyurl.com/9kf44

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