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WITandWISDOM(tm) - March 26, 2007
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

The crowd doesn't recognize a leader until he's gone; then they build a monument for him with the stones they threw at him in life. - Oswald Chambers

Source: The Timothy Report, Copyright (c) 2004 Swan Lake Communications, http://www.timothyreport.com


I was mulling over a recent conversation I had with a disenchanted Christian brother. He was upset with me. So upset that he was considering rescinding his invitation for me to speak to his group. Seems he'd heard I was pretty open about who I have fellowship with. He'd read the words I wrote: "If God calls a person his child, shouldn't I call him my brother?" And, "If God accepts others with their errors and misinterpretations, shouldn't we?"

He didn't like that. "Carrying it a bit too far," he told me. "Fences are necessary," he explained. "Scriptures are clear on such matters." He read me a few and then urged me to be careful to whom I give grace.

"I don't give it," I assured. "I only spotlight where God already has." Later I had a great thought. A why-didn't-I-think-to-say-that? insight. If the subject resurfaces, Iıll say it. But in case it doesn't, Iıll say it to you. (It's too good to waste.) Just one sentence: I've never been surprised by God's judgment, but I'm still stunned by his grace.

Story after story. Prayer after prayer. Surprise after surprise. Seems that God is looking more for ways to get us home than for ways to keep us out. I challenge you to find one soul who came to God seeking grace and did not find it. Search the pages. Read the stories. Envision the encounters. Find one person who came seeking a second chance and left with a stern lecture. I dare you. Search.

You won't find it. Seems to me God gives a lot more grace than we'd ever imagine. We could do the same.

By Max Lucado, http://www.maxlucado.com/email/

Source: Chapnotes, mailto:xanmansa@chapnotes.org?Subject=Subscribe

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Definitions Of A Bachelor

One who avoids Bride-Eyed women.

One who believes in Life, Liberty and the Happiness of Pursuit.

One who can go fishing anytime, until he gets hooked.

One who can't be Spouse-Broken.

One who knows how to hold a woman's hand so that she doesn't get a grip on him.

One who leans toward a woman but not far enough to fall.

One who when a girl asks him for a Diamond Ring, he turns Stone-deaf.

One who would rather mend his socks than his ways.

Source: Laughter for a Saturday


Linda got a job as a reporter at her local newspaper. The crusty old editor told her, "Names, names - no story is complete without the names of everyone involved."

She came back a few hours later and filed this report:

Three farms in our area were affected by severe lightning storms that struck Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Greene reported a fire in their barn. Michael Arlington said several trees were knocked down by the violence of the storm. And Fred Morse reported that three of his cows were struck by lightning. Their names were Bessie, Elsie and Bertha.

Submitted by B. B.

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

An exabyte is 1 quintillion bytes. In 2006 alone, the human race generated 161exabytes of digital information. So? Well, that’s about 3 million times the information in all the books ever written or the equivalent of 12 stacks of books, each extending more than 93 million miles from Earth to the sun. And, as a study from IDC shows, the forecast for the world’s information is partly cloudy, with a 100 percent chance of exponential growth, making information mapping and infrastructure even more crucial. No surprise that Hopkinton-based EMC, the data-storage giant, sponsored the IDC report.

By Maura Welch, March 12, 2007, Boston Globe, http://tinyurl.com/37cp7e

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