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WITandWISDOM(tm) - April 3, 2007
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

Those who wish to sing always find a song. - Swedish proverb


When I went to India in November 2006, I carried about 50 MegaVoice solar powered audio Bibles or New Testaments in three prominent languages of India. These audio Bibles were given to supervisors who distributed them to Gospel Outreach workers.

From the moment I demonstrated their use, I knew this would be a miracle-working tool. All workers were anxious to have one, but I had only half enough. Sure enough, the first report I received was that Gospel Outreach workers were lending them on a weekly basis to families who were illiterate. The families were thrilled to be able to hear God's Word.

Four months later, Nirobindu Das e-mailed this amazing story.

Gospel Outreach worker, Solomon, held church services and prayer meeting in the rented home of Byomkesh Nasker in Naihati, a village north of Kolkata. In the middle of one church service, the landlord barged into the room and harshly forbade them to conduct Christian religious services in the building. When the landlord left, everyone kept quiet for sometime. When they thought the landlord would not hear, they continued in subdued voices and had their prayers. For two weeks they did not conduct services due to fear of the landlord's anger.

Nirobindu had given Solomon two solar audio New Testaments, one in Bengali and one in Hindi. Somehow the landlord came to know about them. The landlord was intrigued by a solar powered audio Book and asked if he could listen to one. The renter, Brother Byomkesh, was delighted to share it for a few days.

The landlord listened to the audio New Testament for a week. He said he enjoyed the stories and miracles of Jesus, and then gave them permission to hold worship services in the building as they wished. This audio Bible also opened the door of opportunity to discuss the Bible with the landlord. Now the landlord has expressed his desire to study for baptism.

Brother Solomon says, "I am grateful to Pastor Nirobindu Das who gave me this electronic Bible to use in the ministry. Please pray for the landlord that he may also bring others to the feet of the Lord Jesus."

Nirobindu adds, "I am especially thankful to you, those who donated these electronic audio Bibles. We pray that the Lord will bless all involved in this ministry directly or indirectly." As you can see, donations of these solar powered audio Bibles are doing evangelism—they are reaching the people! Thank you to everyone who donates audio Bibles.

Shared by Beverly Thompson
GO Regional Director, Northeast India

Submitted by Leora DeWitt

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

An Australian tour guide was describing the abilities of the Australian Aborigine to track man or beast over land, through the air, under the sea.

The Americans were incredulous.

Then later in the day, the tour rounded a bend on the highway and discovered, lying in the middle of the road, an Aborigine. He had one ear pressed to the white line. The tour stopped and the guide and the tourists gathered around the prone Aborigine.

"Jacky," said the tour guide, "who are you tracking and what are you listening for?" The aborigine replied, "Down the road about 25 miles is a 1971 Valiant Ute. It's red. The left front tire is bald. The front end is out of whack and it has dents in every panel. There are 9 black fellas in the back, all drinking warm sherry. There are 3 kangaroos on the roof rack and 6 dogs on the front seat."

The American tourists moved forward, astounded by this precise and detailed knowledge.

"Unbelievable, man, how do you know all that?" asked one. The Aborigine replied, "I fell off its tailgate about half an hour ago!"

Source: Chapnotes, mailto:xanmansa@chapnotes.org?Subject=Subscribe


Once a long time ago, God explained to one of his angels, "I just finished setting things up so the Earth will rotate, creating alternating 24-hour periods of light and darkness."

The angel said, "What are you going to do, now?"

God replies, "I think I'm going to call it a day."

Submitted by Malladi Murthy in India

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

A team of math experts has cracked a 120-year puzzle - even though many boffins do not even understand what it's all about.

The solution is so complex that the handwritten solution would cover Manhattan island in New York, reports Sky News.

And when stored in highly compressed form on a computer hard drive, it takes up as much space as 45 days of continuous music in MP3 format.

An international team of 18 mathematicians and computer scientists was assembled to map a theoretical object known as the "Lie group E8".

Lie groups were invented by 19th-Century Norwegian mathematician Sophus Lie in his study of symmetrical objects, especially spheres, and differential calculus.

The E8 group, which dates to 1887, is the most complicated Lie group, with 248 dimensions, and was long considered impossible to solve.

"To say what precisely it is is something even many mathematicians can't understand," said Jeffrey Adams, the project's leader and a math professor at the University of Maryland.

The team - assembled by the American Institute of Mathematics - revealed their findings at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Their work took four years research and involves about 60 times as much data as the Human Genome Project.

Source: Ananova http://www.ananova.com

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