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WITandWISDOM(tm) - June 11, 2007
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

"The Bible will always be full of things you cannot understand as long as you will not live according to the things you do understand."

Submitted by Malladi Murthy in India


It was a cold, rainy day in March. Across the room in the millinery department of the store where Maude worked, sat Laura, a woman about Maude's age. Other workers did not like Laura; they thought her to be snobbish and aloof. And Maude agreed.

But sweeping the bias from her eyes, she made up her mind to say something kind to Laura. Finally, she managed, "Do you know, Laura, that I've worked in this room with you for several years. And whenever I glance up I see your head silhouetted against the window there behind you. I think you have the prettiest profile and hair that I have ever seen on anybody." Her words were not insincere flattery. She meant it.

Laura looked up and began to cry. "That's the first kind word anybody has ever said to me in all the years I've worked here," she said.

Maude discovered that Laura's aloofness was not due to snobbishness, but shyness. The two became friends. Other workers soon began to include Laura in their activities, and she blossomed like a flower that, for the first time, found sunlight. The right words, spoken in
kindness, changed a life.

Never underestimate the power of your words. There is no wrong time to say the right thing. And there is no better time than now.

By Steve Goodier who is the editor of The Life Support System, a motivational e-newsletter delivered daily to 85,000 subscribers in over 100 nations. His inspirational newsletter and books are available through his website at http://www.lifesupportsystem.com

Source: Life Support System, mailto:LifeSupport-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Some Ponderings #1
Part 1 of 3 [June 11, 20, 29]

Does the U. S. President have special Secret Service agents to accompany him to the bathroom, water closet, etc., especially, in countries with "squat toilets?"

Why is it, "You cooked my goose?" Why not, "You cooked my duck or my turkey?" And, where would anybody readily find a goose? I think I'll take a gander and do some research on this subject!

The captain at the firehouse saw all his firefighters in a panic, scurrying about in total confusion. So, in the commotion, to calm down the situation, he yelled out, "Hey... slow down! Can anybody tell me where's the fire?"

Submitted by Natowsky


"The Bible gives us a list of human stories on both sides of the ledger. One list of human stories is used as examples – do what these people did. Another list of human stories is used as warnings – don’t do what these people did.

So if your story ever gets in one of these books, make sure they use it as an example, not a warning."

- Jim Rohn, "From the Masters"

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

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It takes regular printer paper and lets you choose a font size so the text is easy to read. Service for the Printing Mailbox costs $9.99 per month.

Source: USA Weekend, June 2-3, 2007, http://usaweekend.com

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