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WITandWISDOM(tm) - July 18, 2007
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

"Few things are harder to put up with than a good example." - Mark Twain (1835-1910)

Submitted by Lorraine


Dr. Charles Stanley often thinks about his father. He tries to picture what it would have been like to grow up knowing his dad. When Dr. Stanley's was only nine months old, his father died. So he was brought up without an earthly father.

During his youth, Dr. Stanley never really gave it much thought. Then, many years into his ministry, and after he became a father, Dr. Stanley began to feel a cloud hanging over him. There was a mysterious sadness he couldn't identify.

Four close friends helped him discover that, as a child, he had subconsciously dismissed any thought about having a father. Because a dad wasn't around, Dr. Stanley simply deleted the idea from his life. He never realized how this affected his relationship with God.

Because his father was absent, Dr. Stanley had a distorted view of a "Heavenly Father." Without realizing it, he created a distance between himself and God. His heart was resistant to an intimate Father-child relationship.

Embracing almighty God as his heavenly Father changed Dr. Stanley's life. He'll never forget the waves of emotion when he felt the tender love of a Father for the first time.

If you're a father, Dr. Stanley prays you'll be a present and active influence in your children's lives. They're looking at you more closely than you can imagine. Their view of God will forever be shaped by the time you spend with them. Show them what He's like. Be a godly dad to your children.

Dr. Charles Stanley is the pastor of First Baptist Church of Atlanta and President of In Touch Ministries, http://intouch.org

Submitted by Malladi Murthy in India

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Random Acts Of Thinking
Part the Third – 3 of 3 [July 2, 10, 18]

Clichés are a dime a dozen.

I call my car a brown Ford Taurus. Someone else has named it "Wash Me."

I love my wife more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow. Tomorrow she gets paid.

Is a basket case a good place to keep your basket?

I thought Fortune smiled upon me today. Turns out it was more of a smirk.

Hiking in the woods without bringing any food is no picnic, man.

My son is majoring in art and logic ... he wants to draw his own conclusions.

I'm a gold medalist in the 100-word balderdash.

How did you make someone angry before we had buttons? Did you push their levers and pulleys?

I exercise because I want to be healthy when I drop dead.

I got some fast food yesterday. A few hours later I was wishing they'd taken a little more time.

Yes, there is luck in chess. My opponent was awfully lucky he was playing a complete idiot.

I have an adjustable rate mortgage. If interest rates go up, my payment goes up. If interest rates go down, my payment goes up.

I know karate, kung fu, and several other dangerous words.

[with a big hug and a giant thanks to Pastor Tim's Cybersalt Digest, The Better Half, Jim Loy's website, Daily Humorscope, Bob Thaves, Six Chix, Hallmark's Maxine, Randy Glasbergen, Signals, Christianity Today, and let's not forget the mind of Mark Raymond]

Source: Mark Mail, http://mrhumor.net/


To pass the time while our plane was being de-iced, the flight attendants played a trivia game with the passengers. They asked us to guess the total number of years the three of them had worked for the airlines.

After an attendant collected our estimates, we heard the announcement: "The correct answer is 26 years. For the two people who came closest with 28 years, we have prizes. And for the passenger in seat 12F who guessed 85 years, would you please step off the plane once we are airborne."

Source: Chapnotes, mailto:xanmansa@chapnotes.org?Subject=Subscribe

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Farmers in a Romanian village are using music to help their cows cope with a heatwave.

Cowherds at a farm in Ramnicelu village, from Braila county, came up with the idea which has now been adopted by all local animal owners.

One said: "Now the villagers will not leave their animals with us if we don't have CD players in the stables."

The man said cows don't seem to care what kind of music is played but are happy and relaxed as long as something is playing.

Local mayor Lucian Chiru said: "Since they invented this thing with the music not only the cows don't bother about the heat but they give more milk and seem to be smarter.

"They come in alone from the pasture as if they want to hear more music."

Romania has been hit by an unprecedented heatwave in recent weeks with temperatures close to 40C (104F) claiming at least 30 lives.

Source: Ananova http://www.ananova.com

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