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WITandWISDOM(tm) - August 23, 2007
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

The world is moved along, not only by the might shovels of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker." - Helen Keller

Source: Monday Fodder by Dave Aufrance, Missionary in Hongkong


Chuck Swindoll tells this story: Marian Anderson, the great contralto who won worldwide acclaim, didn't simply grow great; she grew great simply. In spite of her fame, she remained a beautiful model of humility. A reporter interviewing Miss Anderson once asked her to name the greatest moment in her life. She had had so many big moments to choose from. For example:

There was the night conductor Arturo Toscanini announced, "A voice like hers comes once in a century." In 1958 she became a U.S. delegate to the United Nations. Then there was that private concert she gave at the White House for the Roosevelts and the king and queen of England. And in 1963 she was awarded the coveted Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Which of those big moments, among many, did she choose? None of them. Miss Anderson quietly told the reporter that the greatest moment of her life was the day she went home and told her mother she wouldn't have to take in washing anymore.

Unlike Marian Anderson, some of us go to great lengths to hide our humble origins. The truth is, when we peel off our masks, others are usually not repelled; they are drawn closer to us. Frequently, the more painful or embarrassing the past, the greater the appreciation and respect.

From: Dallas Seminary Daily Devotional, 8-29-06

Source: Preaching Now, http://www.preaching.com/newsletter/preachingnow/

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Someone should tell this guy that they also sell them at McDonalds.

According to police reports (and a June 19 AP story), a thief kicked in the door of an apartment in Somerset, PA, then stole a chilled salad from the refrigerator.

The owner of the apartment was out when the unusual burglary occurred. The robber also stuck a knife in the door, but stole nothing but the salad. Police said they have a suspect and expect to file charges once they finish their investigation.

Apartment residents are on alert in case the thief returns for salad dressing.

Source: Preaching Now, http://www.preaching.com/newsletter/preachingnow/


Style and fashion intrude into all walks of our lives. Two fellows who had been rivals all their lives followed different career paths. One eventually became an Admiral in the Navy; the other went into the Catholic Church and became a Bishop.

As fate would have it, they happened to meet one day in an Airport. The now 300 pound, overweight Bishop spied the Admiral first and said loudly, "Oh Porter, from what gate is the flight to Dallas leaving?"

The Admiral approached, bowed, and said, "Gate 7 Madame, but should you be traveling in your condition?"

Source: Chapnotes, mailto:xanmansa@chapnotes.org?Subject=Subscribe

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

If you purchase a new bike for your child, place their picture inside the handle bar before placing the grips on. if the bike is stolen and later recovered, remove the grip and there is your proof who owns the bike.

Submitted by George

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