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WITandWISDOM(tm) - September 20, 2007
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Let your ears hear what your mouth says. - Jewish Proverb

Source: Carol's Thought for Today, http://home.comcast.net/~mrs.carol/


The life of Andrew Urshan is remarkable, to say the least. He wrote that his own disappointments had turned into being God’s appointments. There came a song from his own hand that was written during a time of great duress and struggle. His wife left him, and he had to care for five young children. She turned her back on this Pentecostal way. Brother Urshan found his days unbearable, but out of that came this song:

Verse 1 – When my life is burdened with sorrow, And it seems all help is gone, Jesus whispers, “Do not falter; I will leave thee not alone.” Then somehow amidst my trials, How it is I cannot see; Still I hear a voice from heaven; Gently saying “Follow me.”

Verse 2 – Sometimes my friends do forsake me, and I’m tempted to despair; Then I think of my dear Jesus–To lay His head He had nowhere. O, it pays to follow Jesus, just to learn of Him each day; And I guarantee, my brother, You’ll have sunshine all the way.

Verse 3 – Let me recommend Him to you; I have found no friend like Him. He is One who’ll ne’er deceive you, But stay with you to the end. If you would have peace and comfort, Let His banner be unfurled. He was lifted upon Calvary, And His name can save the world.

Chorus – There is sunshine in the shadow; There is sunshine in the rain; There is sunshine in our sorrow, When our hearts are filled with pain. There is sunshine when we’re burdened; There is sunshine when we pray; There is sunshine, Heav’nly sunshine, Blessed sunshine all the way.

Life of Andrew Bar-David Urshan by Andrew Urshan, Copyright: ©1918, ISBN 0757708765, http://tinyurl.com/36d5lu
This is the original life story of Andrew Bar-David Urshan first printed in 1918. Your faith will be encouraged by the reading of this autobiography of a powerful man of God.

Source: SermonCentral Weekly Newsletter,

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Wisdom From Military Experiences
Part 2 of 3 [September 12, 20, 28]

"Tracers work both ways." (U.S. Army Ordnance)

"Five second fuses only last three seconds." (Infantry Journal)

"Don't ever be the first, don't ever be the last, and don't ever volunteer to do anything." (U.S. Navy Swabbie)

"Bravery is being the only one who knows you're afraid." (David Hackworth)

"If your attack is going too well, you're walking into an ambush." (Infantry Journal)

"No combat-ready unit has ever passed inspection." (Joe Gay)

"Any ship can be a minesweeper. Once."

"Never tell the Platoon Sergeant you have nothing to do." (Unknown Marine Recruit)

"Don't draw fire; it irritates the people around you."

"If you see a bomb technician running, follow him." (USAF Ammo Troop)

"You've never been lost until you've been lost at Mach 3." (Paul F. Crickmore, test pilot)

Source: Preaching Now, http://www.preaching.com/newsletter/preachingnow/


One day at the premiere showing of an artist's new works, the painter turns to a critic and asks, "So what's your opinion of my work?"

The critic says, "It's worthless."

The painter replies, "I know, but I'd like to hear it, anyway."

Source: Monday Fodder by Dave Aufrance, Missionary in Hongkong

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

High-Speed Eurostar Train Launches

The new high-speed Eurostar train will cut 20 minutes from the Paris-to-London run, it was reported. The Eurostar launched its inaugural run Tuesday on Britain's high-speed line and is to open for business to the public Nov. 14, the BBC reported.

The 306-mile test run was expected to set a record for the journey between Paris and London. The 186 mph train will cut the journey from Paris to London to 2 hours, 15 minutes, the BBC said. Trains have always traveled at high speeds along the French side of the Paris-to-London route but were forced to slow down on the British side because they shared a slower track with commuter trains servicing London.

For more on the story and a picture of the train visit:

Source: Gizmorama, http://www.gophercentral.com/sub/sub-gizmo.html

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