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WITandWISDOM(tm) - March 17, 1998

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The MORAL TEST of any society is how is treats its weakest: children, elderly, sick, needy and handicapped. - Senator Hubert Humphrey

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A College Senior's Thoughts about the Christianity and the Church
By Shasta Emery

One of the biggest challenges is making a transition from being intellectual to relational. So many of us know about God, but few of us experience God. I have heard it said that we know God's hands but not His face. In other words, we often ask Him to meet our wants and requests, but rarely seek intimacy with Him. In the MTV world everything is so fast-paced and entertaining. We grow bored easily and don't take the time to experience things that may not bring immediate results.

For our generation, people and relationships are more important than information. We hope to start working again as a community of believers. ... We are asking questions like: Are you ready for the Second Coming? Do you have a relationship with God? More than anything we want authenticity. We want to be real. We want the freedom to doubt and to question. Obviously, this is a big risk, but it will make us stronger.

I hope that the older generations will risk "making fools of themselves" so that others can grow. I hope that our leaders will speak out when the Spirit leads. We need to see God working in them. It is through action that we begin to believe. I plead with leaders to be open to the leading of the Spirit and to expect changes and surprises. We must quit being so dependent on methods and technology and be more dependent on God.

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:


RE: Casualty Numbers T/950132 to T/950177

Dear Sir:

It gives me great personal pleasure and satisfaction to report to you that matters regarding last month's referenced Casualty Numbers have been most satisfactorily resolved. The world press in their quick assimilation and total understanding of the full facts promptly accepted that the whole incident was due to faulty construction of haws pipe - which was unrecognizable after the vessel collided with the base of the swing bridge abutment. Naturally, the Board of inquiry, having read the press reports, fully concurred with this perceptive reasoning in reaching their favorable conclusion.

Quickly putting this minor incident behind us, we had a superb time at the Chief Officer's retirement party - even on such short notice - and all wished him, "good luck" in his new occupation - farming. The second officer has been assigned temporary additional duty in charge of the salvage attempts at finding and raising the aforementioned tug. The third Officer transferred to the Royal Air Force - Maps and Records division.

The swing bridge operator is now running the Ferris wheel at a nearby park. The remains of the missing pig were found in the ships company galley and compensation was promptly paid. The two cyclists have applied for political asylum and the Volkswagen driver sold his car at a profit to the Musee de l' art et D'essai in Paris. The truck driver, looking for safer employ, has assigned onto the ships company for a two year duration as the crane operator.

As for myself, I am personally looking forward to my new assignment as the Director of Shipping, Pitcairn Island but do thank you for your suggestion of Harbor master, Chatham Islands. The doctors have allowed me to send you this ADDENDUM and they say that my examinations and treatments will probably conclude later this month, allowing me to proceed to my duty station - if all goes well.

Yours Faithfully,

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Jeanne Calment, at 120 years and counting, is the oldest living human who's birth date can be authenticated. When recently asked to describe her vision for the future, she replied, "Very brief."

From Win Arn comes another quip about an aging woman. When the reporter asked the birthday girl what she like best about being 102 years old, she answered, "No peer pressure."

Finally, John Fetterman, rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Madison, Wisconsin told of an elderly woman who died last April. Having never married, she requested no male pallbearers. In her handwritten instructions for her memorial service, she wrote, "They wouldn't take me out while I was alive, I don't want them to take me out when I'm dead."

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~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

The "S" in Harry S Truman is not an abbreviation but the name itself, and when properly written is not followed by a period. Using a single letter as a middle name was a common practice in the U.S. and England prior to WWII.

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Source: 2201 Fascinating Facts

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