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WIT & WISDOM - September 22, 1998

~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

It's not what you have in your life, but who you have in your life that counts. [1]



Enough happiness to keep you sweet

Enough trials to keep you strong

Enough sorrow to keep you human

Enough hope to keep you happy

Enough failure to keep you humble

Enough success to keep you eager

Enough friends to give you comfort

Enough wealth to meet your needs

Enough enthusiasm to look forward

Enough faith to banish depression

Enough determination to make each
day better than yesterday.

- Author Unknown [2]

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

This puzzle was written by a lady in California in response to an offer from a gentleman in Philadelphia that he would pay anyone $1000 who would write a puzzle he could not solve. He failed to do so and paid the $1000. The answer is two words and it appears only 1 time in the Bible (NIV).

Adam, God made out of dust
but thought it best to make me first
so I was made before man
to answer God's most holy plan
A living being I became
and Adam gave to me my name
I from his presence then withdrew
and more of Adam never knew
I did my makers law obey
nor ever went from it astray
Thousands of miles I go in fear
But seldom on Earth appear
for purpose wise that God did see
He put a living soul in me
A soul from me God did claim
and took from me the soul again
so when from me the soul had fled
I was the same as when first made
and without hands, or feet, or soul
I travel on from pole to pole
I labor hard by day, by night
to fallen man I give great light
Thousands of people, young and old
will by my death, great light behold
no right or wrong can I conceive
the scripture I cannot believe
Although my name therein is found
they are to me an empty sound
no fear of death doth trouble me
real happiness I'll never see
to heaven I shall never go
or to hell below
now when the lines you slowly read
to search your Bible with all speed
for that my name is written there
I do honestly declare.

Who am I? . . . (Answer is shown after today's trivia.) [3]


I heard about a lady who was speeding and an officer pulled her to the side of the road. She didn't have her seat belt on so as soon as she stopped, she quickly slipped it on before the officer got to her window.

After talking to her about speeding, the officer said, "I see you are wearing your seat belt. Do you believe in wearing it at all times?" "Yes, I do, officer," she replied.

"Well," asked the officer, "do you always do it up with it looped through your steering wheel?" [4]

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

HOME: (Not all of these have personally been tested)

Baseball caps should be washed in the dishwasher, not the washing machine because the agitation spoils their shape. The inexpensive ones were make to be discarded.

Measure the distance between thumb and little finger when your hand is spread wide. Use this number to judge length when a tape isn't handy.

Minimize a scratch in wood furniture by rubbing into it some paste shoe polish of an appropriate color.

Children learn quicker when they are praised for good behavior rather than scolded and punished for doing wring. Help them build confidence in themselves with adult support, approval, and rewards.

A nap of 10-20 minutes refreshes; longer than that it's a struggle to pick up your energy. [5]

Who am I? . . . Great Fish. Jonah 1:17


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