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WITandWISDOM(tm) - January 3, 2007
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You cannot expect to achieve new goals or move beyond your present circumstances unless you change. - Les Brown

Source: Molly's Quotes of the Day,


After I finished high school I decided to forget university and became a DJ in a disco instead. I spent everything I earned buying records, gambling, and doing drugs. Soon I was broke and in debt. Gone was the glamour this life once had.

In spite of the drugs and the music, I could not drown out the feeling that there was a God and I needed to learn more about Him. I remembered my mother telling me about God when I was a child. I remembered that we sometimes prayed together, but I sensed there had to be more to God and religion than just saying a prayer.
Late one night after I finished working at the disco, I went home and faced off with God. On my knees I literally shouted at God, “If You are here, and if You are real, then help me—now. I am willing to listen to You, but I need to know You are there and You can help me.”

I was in big financial trouble, and I knew I could not solve my problems myself, so I was willing to let God help me. I made a deal with God—I was willing to surrender my life to Him if He would help me. And God took me up on the deal, even though I had no idea at the time what “surrender” really meant.

I did not know where to start with God, but I entrusted my life into His hands, promising Him that I wanted to live according to His will if he would free me from the chains that bound me. And it worked, God took away my addictions to alcohol, tobacco, and gambling—all things that had chained me for years. I was free!

I felt great! I was sure God had done this, but I did not know yet how to live my life for God. Then one day I received a piece of paper that said “I tried to contact you. Please give me a call.” A few weeks later I called the number. It was a pastor and he invited me for a meal and Bible study. I wasn’t sure about this. I wanted to see these Christians, find out what they were all about. The Holy Spirit impressed me to go, then to come back for another meeting. Soon I began to attend the weekly morning service.

I know now that the Holy Spirit speaking to me. I no longer wanted to fight against God and spiritual things; I was home. I continued attending the church. And I wondered why the people told me to be patient, to take time for Bible study and for talking with God. They were right though, even though I was so eager to move forward. But I slowed down, studied, grew deeper in my experience with God.

God never ripped anything away from me; instead, He showed me step-by-step what He wanted me to do. And as I look back over the past few years, I would ask to keep one thing. The music, the gambling, the “excitement”? No problem; I would rather have Jesus. God has a calling for me, and has given me a new life.

By Nicola Taubert, Stuttgart, Germany

Submitted by Leora DeWitt

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Cities in Texas, USA:

Celebrating our western heritage:

Cut n Shoot, Texas
Gunshot, Texas
Gun Barrel, Texas

Need to be cheered up?

Happy , Texas 79042
Smiley , Texas 78159
Paradise , Texas 76073
Rainbow , Texas 76077
Sweet Home , Texas 77987

Why travel to other states? Texas has them!

Detroit , Texas 75436
Colorado City , Texas 79512
Denver City , Texas 79323
Nevada , Texas 75173
Memphis , Texas 79245
Miami , Texas 79059
New Boston , Texas 75570
Santa Fe , Texas 77517
Tennessee Colony , Texas 75861

Feel like traveling outside the country? Don't bother buying a plane ticket!

Canadian , Texas 79014
China , Texas 77613
Egypt , Texas 77436
Turkey , Texas 79261
London , Texas 76854
New London , Texas 75682
Paris , Texas 75460

We even have a city named after our planet!

Earth , Texas 79031

And a city named after our State!

Texas City , Texas 77590


Energy , Texas 76452

Need Office Supplies?

Staples , Texas 78670

Men are from Mars, woman are from

Venus , Texas 76084

You guessed it.. it's on the state line..

Texline , Texas 79087

For the kids..

Kermit , Texas 79745
Elmo , Texas 75118
Nemo , Texas 76070
Tarzan , Texas 79783
Winnie , Texas 77665

Other interesting city names in Texas:

Beeville , Texas 78102
Bigfoot , Texas 78005
Buda , Texas 78610
Cactus , Texas 79013
Mercedes , Texas 78570
Nixon , Texas 78140
Telephone , Texas 75488
Whiteface , Texas 79379
White Deer, Texas 79097
Muleshoe, Texas

Submitted by RheaNell


Sign on the door of a marriage license bureau: 'Out to Lunch. Think it over.'

Submitted by B. B.

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Three escaped prisoners were recaptured in Australia after they flagged down an unmarked police car.

The men, aged 19, 20 and 27, allegedly broke out of Warakirri Correctional Centre at Ivanhoe, New South Wales, reports News.com.au.

They managed to travel more than 125 miles - but were arrested when they waved down the unmarked police car at Buronga.

The trio were taken to Dareton Police Station and have been charged with escaping from lawful custody.

Source: Ananova http://www.ananova.com

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