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WITandWISDOM(tm) - January 4, 2007
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

It isn't what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful, but what you have in your heart. Ė Unknown

Source: Inspire, http://www.inspirelist.com/


According to a story circulating on the Internet, an 11-year-old boy Iíll call Todd was struggling to adjust to the death of his mother. His father had abandoned the family long ago, and Todd was living with an aunt who made it known she resented the responsibility. On several occasions, the boyís teacher heard the aunt tell Todd, "If it werenít for my generosity, you would be a homeless orphan."

The teacher tried hard to make Todd feel valued, and she encouraged his interest in making things. Just before the Christmas break, Todd shyly presented her with a small decorated box.

"Itís beautiful!" the teacher gushed.

Todd replied, "Thereís something special inside my mom gave to me before she died. She said itís the one thing I can give and still have plenty left. It helps you feel better when youíre sad and safe when youíre scared."

As the teacher started to open the box, Todd warned her, "Oh, you canít see it."

"Well, what is it?" she asked kindly.

"Itís love. And youíre the first person since my mom who I love."

The teacher hugged Todd and whispered in his ear, "Iíll treasure this forever. Itís the best gift I ever got."

She kept the box on her desk always. Whenever she was sad or scared, she opened it and the love inside never let her down.

Years later, Todd sent her the tassel he wore for his graduation from medical school. Itís been in the box ever since.

In truth, the gift that keeps on giving is not diamonds; itís love. The more you give away, the more you have left.

This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character counts.

© 2006 Josephson Institute of Ethics; reprinted with permission. Michael Josephson, one of the nation's leading ethicists, is the founder of the Josephson Institute of Ethics and the premier youth character education program, CHARACTER COUNTS! For further information visit http://www.charactercounts.org

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

The Flu Hoe Down

Choose your partners, one and all
Aspirin, Advil, or Tylenol!

Now fling those covers with all you've got,
One minute cold, the next minute hot,

Circle right to the side of the bed,
Grab the tissues and Sudafed.

Back to the middle and don't goof off;
Hold your stomach and cough, cough, cough

Forget about slippers, dash down the hall,
Toss your cookies in the shower stall.

Remember others on the brink;
Wash your hands; wash the sink.

Wipe the doorknob, light switch too,
By George, you've got it too,

You're doing the Flu!

P.S. Some like it cold, some like it hot; If you like neither, get the shot.


Regarding places in Texas...

My favorite is: Ding Dong in Bell County

Submitted by Sonja

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

People on a flight panicked when 80 live rats escaped from a passenger's rucksack.

It happened on a Saudi Airlines flight to the city of Tabuk in northwest Saudi Arabia, reports Arab News.

The plane was flying at a height of25,000ft when the rats were spotted running around the floor.

The captain warned ground crews at Tabuk airport who called in specialist teams to deal with the rodents.

It wasn't until the plane landed that it was discovered the rats had been brought on to the plane by a passenger.

The man admitted he had 80 live rats in a leather rucksack which had somehow managed to escape during the flight. The passenger was handed over to security authorities to continue investigations.

Source: Reuters (12-15-06), http://reuters.com

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